Can I stay completely dry?


Just let the Captain and Crew know that you want to stay dry!

Do I have to get wet?


We have a custom built parasail boat with a platform on the back. It’s a dry take off and dry landing on the back of the platform.

However, if you want to get wet, you can request to be dipped.

Do I ever touch the water?

You can if you want.

The entire experience can be completely dry. If requested, we will provide a “dip” in which we simply lower the parachute toward the water, which allows you to have your feet or bottom touch the water.

You will then be lifted back up and continue the ride as usual. This is recommended!!!

How do we get into and out of the air?

Our parasail boats will allow a smooth and easy takeoff and landing.

Each parasailer, or tandem, will slowly lift off the back of the boat from the sitting position with ease, as you enjoy the ride in a comfortable swing-like harness.

Each parasailer, or tandem, will softly land on the back of the boat in the sitting position. A dip in the water is optional, and recommended, but you will always take off and land from the boat.

Can people go on the boat and watch?


The cost for non-flying observers is $49.99, but… we do not accept reservations for observers.

Parasailers always have first priority. At the time of departure, if there is room available, observers will then be allowed to board.

Do we have to be able to swim?


All takeoffs and landings are done from the back of the boat. In the unlikely event of a mechanical malfunction, all participants are required to wear lifejackets while parasailing.

Anyone can fly—including the young, old, and someone with special needs. We are happy to safely accommodate everyone.

Is there an age requirement?


The minimum age preferred to parasail is 4 years old although it does depend on the weight and environmental conditions.

Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their liability waiver prior to boarding the vessel.

Are there any weight restrictions?


The minimum weight required to parasail is roughly 125 pounds. If the flyer is less than 125 pounds, they will simply fly tandem with someone not to exceed roughly 425 pounds combined weight.

Weight requirements may change on any given day due to the wind conditions.

Do you take pictures of our experience?


We offer a digital photo service from the boat. The cost is $39.99 and you get to keep the SD memory card which will have approximately 50 to 60 images of your parasail experience!

Do you tip the Crew after your parasailing trip?


The Crew works for tips. 20% is customary. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. 

How long does the trip last?

If we have a full boat of 12 parasailers, everyone will go out and take turns parasailing and then come back in. It takes about 1.5 hour from dock to dock with a full boat of twelve.

Do I need a reservation?


We encourage you to book your reservation online in advance. We do have a 24-hour cancellation policy. No show/No call you are fully charged with no refund.

Do I need to arrive early?

Yes, you do.

Please plan on getting to the dock 20 minutes prior to your parasailing or Banana Boat trip to get checked in. If you did not print out your waiver ahead of time and bring with you, you will be required to fill one out at the dock when you arrive.

Reminder, each person needs their own waiver.

Do you have kids' rates?


The rates are the same for adults and kids since we are limited to 12 people per reservation.

Can I bring my camera?


You are welcome to bring your camera or video camera with you on the boat. We are not responsible however if your camera gets wet during the trip. Our crew members are not allowed to use customers’ electronic equipment (GoPro’s, cell phones, video cameras, etc).

We do offer a photo package onboard the boat. We take approximately 40 pictures of your parasail flight with our professional digital camera with a high powered zoom lens.

We give you the reusable digital photo card at the end of the trip to take home and download to your computer or develop the pictures at your convenience.

What should I wear?

Swim suit, T-shirt and shoes you can easily slip off and leave at the dock before loading the boat.

What if the weather is bad the day/time of my reservation?

Give us a call if you are questioning whether or not we are going out. The captains will decide if the conditions are suitable for parasailing. We do not parasail when there is lightning or in high winds and rough seas.

If we know before your reservation that we are not operating we will give you a call. We monitor local NOAA radar and weather reports in real time all day every day.

We do recommend you book your trip in the beginning of your vacation rather than at the end in case you need to reschedule due to weather.

Do you offer private charters?


Please call to arrange for your special private charter and have the boat all to yourself with family and friends. Food and drinks are allowed on private charters.

So get your friends together and take a sunset parasail cruise for happy hour with Montauk Parasail!

Is your company specially trained, experienced and or licensed?


Our Captains are US Coast Guard licensed Masters, and both Captain and crew are specifically trained in all aspects of parasailing, boat handling and flight procedures.

We are in 100% compliance with all US Coast Guard regulations applicable to commercial parasail boats.

I lost my copy of your Term & Conditions Waiver. Can I get another copy?


You can get one by going here.