People always make excuses for not taking a family vacation. But getting away from your hectic schedule and the everyday routine is important to ease your mental and physical health. Taking a vacation allows you and your family members to lay back and relax. When it comes to spending your vacation at Montauk, then it’s sure to create fond memories that last forever.

Boarding off the dock at Star Island Yacht Club & Marina is the perfect family vacation that enables you to experience new things and recreates the bond you hold years together.

You will be taken up with one or two other people at once and comfortably seated for a surprisingly calm and relaxing ride. Once you are up in the air, you will get a panoramic view of amazing sea life and the Montauk coast from new heights.


The type of Montauk parasailing you experience purely depends on the kind of the package you choose for flying. But experts say, “Most of the people prefer to take a relaxing route, a slow ride through the air with stunning views.” You can also opt for a dunking option in which you will be dipped into the water rather than simply being brought in and out from the boat.

Once choosing Montauk parasailing for this holiday vacation, you will be happier that the trip gave a new perspective of your favorite place and had experienced an unbelievable adventure with your family and friends.