Among the best things to do in Montauk, parasailing in the Hamptons stands out. Situated on the Long Island’s eastern tip, this is a tourist spot worth visiting at least once in your life. This scenic area is home to a variety of fun-filled activities like water sports, boat tours, whale watching, and Montauk parasailing among other things.

If you are bored of long beach walks or swimming in the pool, then parasailing on Long Island is the thing to do on your next vacation. It will give you a bird’s eye view of this beautiful location. You will enjoy the feeling of flying in the air right from the back of a boat. Here are few things to keep in mind if you are parasailing for the first time.

Although it may look like a big task on a beach vacation, it is important you stay sober. Avoid alcohol before you go on Montauk parasail. Although there is no age limit to enjoy this activity, most commercial operators do take into account the weight limit. Passengers with a weight of 125 – 225 pounds will generally be considered without any issues. If you wish to send your kids on parasailing, it is better to accompany them or have an expert parasailer to fly with them.

Before you take Montauk parasailing, listen carefully to the operator and the crew who will handle your ride. Ensure you are aware of all safety measures while having this gravity-defying thrill. Once you are all set, it is time to strap on a parachute connected to a motorboat for the ride of your life.